Hello, welcome to Jingzhou Xinxiangrui Chemical Co. Ltd.!


                                                        Production base

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                                                        Address: No. 155 East Jiangjin Road, Jingzhou
                                                        About us

                                                        Jingzhou Xin xiangrui Chemical Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise in research and development, production and operation of disinfectant, purifying agent and other fine chemicals. Located in the hinterland of the Jianghan Plain, east of Wuhan, west of the Three Gorges, south across the Yangtze River, north of the Han River, is the thing, across the north and south traffic and material distribution center, Sichuan Hunan Hubei economic ties, an important port city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze river.
                                                        The company's main products are: three chloro isocyanuric acid (Qianglujing) 20000 tons / year; two sodium dichloroisocyanurate (YOULUJING) 20000 tons / year; calcium hypochlorite (bleaching powder) 20000 tons; 40000 tons of calcium chloride. Our company was founded in 2000, due to the quality standards and production capacity of high starting point, since the operation, stable product quality, timely delivery, sales of all products are exported to Europe, North America market Delta, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Russia, by the user's praise and welcome.
                                                        The company always adhere to scientific development and harmonious development, and strive to build resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises. Adhere to the "good faith, equality, mutual benefit and win-win" business philosophy, adhere to the "pragmatic, enterprising, and strive to win" cultural concept, with the reality of all, and forge ahead, and create brilliant!

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                                                        Jingzhou Xinxiangrui Chemical Co. Ltd.
                                                        Contact: Fan General, Tel:+86-716-8125855
                                                        Address: No. 155 East Jiangjin Road, Jingzhou

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